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It happens again and again that an old tattoo that you got many years ago, just does not like anymore. Often it is simply no longer fashionable, because trend tattoos, such as the tribal tattoo on the coccyx (“tramp stamp”), have gone out of fashion.

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Meanwhile, there are numerous laser methods available for permanent tattoo removal. In this article, we will introduce you to the essential aspects of the Alexandrite laser, so that you can get a first impression of the laser system and see if such a treatment is an option for you. If you are interested in tattoo removal with another laser, please have a look at our articles on the Nd:YAG laser , the picosecond laser and the ruby laser.

What wavelength does the alexandrite laser work with?

The alexandrite laser is also called a red light laser and generates a light pulse with a wavelength of 755 nm. This is in the infrared range. In the Q-switched version, this laser system is also capable of delivering even more intense, shorter light pulses to the skin.

A particularly well-known variant of the Alexandrite laser is the “PicoSure® laser, which also operates at a wavelength of 755 nm. Compared to alexandrite lasers, which operate in the nanosecond range, the pulses of the picosecond laser are in the picosecond range.

Due to its selective effect on melanin, the alexandrite laser is used for hair removal and the treatment of pigment disorders on the one hand. Melanin is the natural dark brown to black or even yellowish to reddish pigments that cause the coloring of skin, hair and eyes. On the other hand, it is also used for tattoo removal.

What colors can be removed with alexandrite laser?

With its wavelength of 755 nm, the power spectrum of the alexandrite laser is limited to the shades of black, green, blue and brown. The alexandrite laser does not remove other colors.

How does the alexandrite laser work?

The system behind the alexandrite laser is “photothermolysis”. This means that light is used to heat a specific area of the skin, causing color particles to burst. Because the alexandrite laser works with enormous precision and does not affect surrounding skin areas during laser therapy, the term “selective photothermolysis” is often used.
Due to the destruction of the color pigments and the resulting disintegration into tiny fragments, these are absorbed by the body’s own scavenger cells, also called macrophages, and then transported away via the lymphatic system.

What do I have to consider during the treatment?

If you have your tattoo removed with the alexandrite laser, there are a few aspects to consider before, during and after the treatment.


  • Methods

    Tattoo removal
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  • Removal of permanent make-up

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    e.g. Lightening small tattoo
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