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Face Slimming is an international phenomenon. The method was invented or developed in South Korea and then spilled across the ocean, straight to Hollywood. Stars who have undergone face slimming include Kylie Jenner, Shay Mitchell and Olivia Munn. Face Slimming with Botox should definitely be performed by experts such as BellaDerma Specialist Centre.

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How does Face Slimming work?

In accordance with the name, Face Slimming in Berlin means nothing more and nothing less than a natural slimming of the face. It is no longer necessary to reach for the scalpel and undergo a complex operation, because the methods for successful Face Slimming are already known from other areas of beauty treatment and have proven themselves there. Botulinum toxin”:/index.php?article_id=296&clang=2 is used directly on the chewing muscle. The procedure is relatively simple, but must be carried out precisely. If the chewing muscle is too pronounced, it is simply immobilised by a small injection.

What does Face Slimming do?

The treatment is minimally invasive and ensures that the jawline (JawLine) becomes thinner over time, making the face appear narrower. This effect is particularly apparent when looking at the back of the lower jaw and is already visible after about a week. To see the full effect of botulinum toxin (Botox), about four weeks are required. Facial Slimming or Face Slimming can even eliminate effects such as a double chin or the dreaded sagging jowls.

Positive side effects

Face Slimming also has some positive side effects. Especially those who suffer from bruxism, i.e. grinding their teeth at night, can breathe a sigh of relief. Because the chewing muscle is weakened, there is no need for Gummy Smile Correction or splints and the teeth are protected in a sustainable and natural way. Furthermore, the treatment can mitigate the effects of migraines. By the way, Face Slimming can easily be combined with hyaluronic acid injections. The approach is understandable, because while the face is made narrower in one area, it can be filled up a little in the upper area. The effect is to create a narrower appearance around the cheekbone.

Are there any side effects to Face Slimming?

A Face Slimming treatment in Berlin takes about 15 minutes and has no side effects. At most, the injection may cause slight swelling in a few cases. Of course, you don’t need a rest period afterwards, but can go straight back to your daily routine. However, caution is advised when inexperienced practitioners are at work.

Face Slimming in Berlin – at BellaDerma

For this reason, you should always place yourself in the expert hands of professionals. We at the BellaDerma Specialist Centre for Aesthetic Treatment offer face slimming in Berlin Charlottenburg on Joachimsthaler Straße / corner of Kurfürstendamm and in Berlin Mitte, Unter den Linden / corner of Friedrichstraße. Call us and make an appointment for a consultation. We are looking forward to it.


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