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Masseter treatment in Berlin is an efficient way to counteract unpleasant tension and an unsightly enlargement of the chewing muscle. There are many causes and reasons for discomfort in the area of the masseter muscle, all of which can be treated well and painlessly at our clinic in Berlin.

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What is the masseter?

The term Musculus Masseter refers to the human masseter muscle or one of four masseter muscles. The muscle is extremely strong, beginning at the zygomatic arch and ending at the lower jaw. It is characterised by the presence of numerous tendons and branches and the direct connection to the masseteric nerve, which gives the impulses in the medical sense.

Problem of masseter enlargement

The problem, however, is that when the masseter muscle is heavily strained, masseter hypertrophy occurs. This condition has been described since the late 19th century and results in pronounced angularity of the face. In other words, overactivity of the posterior masseter muscle makes the face look more severe and harder. This phenomenon is quite common with age and can have various causes. These include frequent chewing of gum, chewing of solid food, grinding of the teeth at night (Gummy Smile, Bruxism) or even a malocclusion or “too much” fat around the cheekbones. However, this can be remedied with a Masseter treatment in Berlin.

How does the Masseter treatment in Berlin work?

A big advantage of the Masseter treatment is that it almost always works perfectly. It involves a lasting relaxation of the chewing muscle, which leads to a rapid reduction in size. Particularly in the case of teeth grinding, obstructive bite splints are often used, which do not solve the problem, but only postpone it. With an injection of Botox, on the other hand, the nerve can be paralysed and in this way the activity of the muscles is also reduced.

Gentle Masseter treatment with Botox

The Masseter treatment in Berlin is carried out by injecting a small dose of Botox. The procedure is minimally invasive and is accompanied by virtually no side effects. Of course, due to the one-time injection, no local anaesthetic is required and the injection needles are extremely thin and therefore almost imperceptible. The treatment is also called Facial Slimming and as soon as the injection is done, the chewing muscle slowly recedes. The benefits are not only cosmetic, but also include a decrease in constant tension and sometimes even the disappearance of previously existing migraines. The effect is felt after only a few days and after about two weeks the face is narrower and the expression all around more relaxed. The effect of a Masseter treatment lasts for three to four months. After that, the Faceslimmung can be repeated as often as desired. Of course, the natural facial features remain fully intact and the muscle relaxant is gradually broken down by the body.

Your appointment for Masseter treatment with Botox at BellaDerma in Berlin

If you are interested in Masseter treatment in Berlin or a face lift, BellaDerma is the right address for you. As proven experts in aesthetic treatments, we have understood our craft for many years. Accordingly, we are happy to help you achieve a more relaxed facial expression at a reasonable price, both at our location in Berlin Mitte, Friedrichstraße / corner of Unter den Linden and in Joachimsthaler Straße / corner of Kurfürstendamm.


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