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The Profhilo-Skinbooster is a new capital in the history of facial treatments and other body regions. Especially the so gentle procedure makes the method almost a world sensation. The special feature of a treatment with Profhilo®-Skinbooster in Berlin is that it only takes a few minutes and is hardly noticeable. Profhilo®-Skinbooster is suitable for the face as well as for the neck, upper arms, hands and décolleté.

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How does the five-point lift with Profhilo®-Skinbooster work?

Profhilo®-Skinbooster is often referred to as a five-point lift. Of course, this is not a lifting in the sense of a surgical intervention, but rather minimal injections that restore valuable moisture to the skin. The procedure is carried out with the specially developed BAP injection technique, where the abbreviation stands for Bio Aesthetic Points. The injections are carried out at five pre-determined points using non-cross-linked, highly pure hyaluronic acid, which is also found in the human body. The special feature is the water-binding effect, so that the skin looks noticeably fresher and – to put it casually – “juicier”. In addition, the body’s own production of hyaluron is sustainably promoted and stimulated. The times when many corresponding care products had to provide moisture are thus over.

Special features of the five-point lift with Profhilo®-Skinbooster in Berlin

The special feature of Profhilo®-Skinbooster is that the treatment is carried out with a particularly high concentration of hyaluron. Compared to classic hyaluronic acid, the effect is increased by a factor of 30. The composition of the tested product is protected by a patent and has a unique effect in the field of bio-remodeling. Behind this is a thermal process that fuses the high and low molecular hyaluronic acid into a hybrid molecule. Additives are no longer necessary: pure hyaluronic acid is used. As early as 2015, Profhilo®-Skinbooster received the “Anti-Aging & Beauty Trophy”, followed by the title as “Best injectable Product” in 2018.

How is the treatment with Profhilo®-Skinbooster carried out in Berlin?

A treatment is carried out via injection at five points, whereby it is not an injecting but a flooding with hyaluronic acid. In other words, due to the water-binding effect, the effect takes place from the inside out and the body forms more elastin and collagen. The effect of the 15-minute treatment is immediate and, of course, you can return to the proverbial “order of the day” immediately afterwards. There is often talk of a “glow effect”, i.e. a kind of natural radiance that is achieved through an optimised skin appearance.

When should Profhilo®-Skinbooster not be used?

Contraindications to Profhilo®-Skinbooster are rare but do exist. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are taboo – as is the case with almost all other treatments – and acute or chronic skin diseases should also not be treated. Other contraindications are immunosuppression, blood clotting disorders and a keloid tendency.

How often should Profhilo®-Skinbooster be used?

Two treatments at intervals of four weeks are completely sufficient for an effect lasting about six months. After that, a refresher is recommended, but your own body also does the necessary work.

Profhilo® treatment at BellaDerma in Berlin

You can receive treatment with Profhilo®-Skinbooster in Berlin at BellaDerma. You will find us in Charlottenburg, Joachimsthaler Straße / corner of Kurfürstendamm as well as in Berlin Mitte, Unter den Linden / corner of Friedrichstraße.


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