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Russian Lips are a new trend in lip augmentation. As the name suggests, the technique was developed in Russia, but has long been used worldwide. The special feature is that Russian Lips look natural through and through and the dreaded effect of “tube lips” is completely absent.

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In some ways, Russian Lips also resembles the classic injection with hyaluronic acid, yet the new method is a little more sophisticated. The Russian Lips technique in Berlin is performed at the BellaDerma locations in Berlin-Mitte and Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

What are Russian Lips?

If you translate the term “Russian Lips” into German, you simply end up with Russian lips. These are characterised by a special appearance that brings with it both size and voluptuousness and is somewhat reminiscent of a beautiful doll. In other words, the natural heart shape of the lip is strongly supported and the injections take place in the middle area. Parallels to the popular “nesting dolls” are quite intentional and so it is not just a matter of adding volume, but rather of contouring and making the middle part stand out from the sides. The red of the lips is not allowed to move forward, but the entire lip shape is slightly lifted – it is thus more of an emphasis than a direct intervention or enlargement. In other words, there is no longer a focus on even distribution, but a deliberate support and accentuation of the shape.

How is Russian Lips treated in Berlin?

The way Russian Lips are created in Berlin or elsewhere differs from the classic lip injection. We start directly in the centre, at the base of the lips, by injecting hyaluronic acid. Starting from the centre, we work our way to the sides, so that the treatment proceeds from the inside to the outside. The injection is accompanied by a gentle massage to bring the hyaluronic acid into the perfect position and at the same time slightly lift the lips in the front area.

What are the side effects of Russian Lips?

A Russian Lips treatment takes around 15 minutes and is completely painless as well as minimally invasive. Of course, it is a purely outpatient procedure, after which everyday life continues undisturbed. Cooling may be necessary after the treatment, but there are no major side effects. However, it is important to make sure that there is no filler or hyaluronic acid left in the lips from previous treatments. These must be removed without delay, otherwise the appearance will be impaired. In addition, numerous small punctures are made, which increases the risk of temporary swelling. Of course, it is important that the Russian Lips treatment in Berlin is carried out by professionals with sufficient experience so that no mistakes are made.

How long do Russian Lips last?

The hyaluronic acid used in Russian Lips gradually degrades in the body. Similar to traditional lip injections, the effect lasts for around six months to eight months, after which it can be renewed as desired.

Russian Lips in Berlin

If you decide to have Russian Lips in Berlin, it is best to come directly to the BellaDerma specialist centre for aesthetic treatments. You will find us at two locations: in Berlin-Mitte on Friedrichstraße / corner of Unter den Linden as well as on Joachimsthaler Straße / corner of Kurfürstendamm and thus in Charlottenburg. If you would like to know more about Lip injections in Berlin, please contact us.


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