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If you have a lipoma removed in Berlin, you should definitely focus on a painless and lasting treatment. This is primarily an aesthetic intervention, because from a health point of view, lipomas are not dangerous, which is also expressed by their designation as benign fatty tumours.

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What is a lipoma?

Lipoma removal in Berlin is always preceded by a diagnosis. A lipoma is a relatively common phenomenon and in the narrower sense a tumour, which is, however, benign. Especially in the region of the head and neck as well as on the shoulders and back, lipomas occur again and again. The fat deposits are usually the size of a pea, but can also reach the size of a tennis ball. People with many lipomas suffer from lipomatosis, although it is still not clear what causes this phenomenon. Although lipomas are almost never dangerous, a visit to the dermatologist should precede any aesthetic treatment. This is especially the case if the lipoma is sensitive to pressure and hurts.

How does lipoma removal work in Berlin?

Lipoma removal should always be carried out by an expert in this treatment. Otherwise, there is a risk of ugly scars remaining. In most cases, treatment is carried out by a specialist who performs a surgical treatment. In concrete terms, this means a local anaesthetic and one or more incisions in the skin. Mind you, this is the “royal road”, but it is not always necessary. The advantage of the operation is that hardly any scars remain and the lipoma is removed without leaving any residue.

Lipoma removal through lipolysis

Until now, alternatives to surgery were considered non-existent. The fact is that there are neither medications nor special tinctures or ointments that have an influence on the growth and also a changed diet or manual therapies do not bring about any change. A new and promising possibility is lipolysis. The name comes from the Greek and consists of the word for fat (“lipos”) and “lysis” for dissolution. Lipolysis is a process that takes place in the human body anyway and is therefore completely natural. Since 2003, the field of aesthetic medicine has also been working with injection lipolysis, which is also known as the “fat-removal injection”. There are both pro and con arguments for this. One advantage is certainly that no incision is necessary and the treatment of several lipomas can be carried out without any problems. However, it is also the case that not every lipoma is suitable for lipolysis and a small capsule is always left behind. In the case of large lipomas, liposuction should also be considered, although any treatment must be preceded by an exact diagnosis.

Lipoma removal in Berlin

If you would like to remove a lipoma in Berlin, we at the BellaDerma specialist centre for aesthetic treatments are at your disposal. Visit us in Berlin Mitte, Unter den Linden / corner of Friedrichstraße or find us in City West, Joachimsthaler Straße / corner of Kurfürstendamm. If you have any questions about the individual lipoma removal methods in advance, please contact us by telephone. We will answer all your questions willingly and competently.


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