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We don’t know what it’s like in other cities, but here in Berlin, Botox-to-go treatments are sprouting ever more colourful flowers. You could also say “come in and find out”: come in and find out what we can make of you with the help of botulinum toxin. When you know that improper use of Botox can do more harm than good, then window ads like Botox to go sound like a bad joke.

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Botox to go vs. professional Botox treatment

For many years, Botox has been used as a successful agent in aesthetic medicine and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, especially on the face. However, these Botox treatments are rightly carried out by specialists who know their craft and know what they are doing. Botox is a neurotoxin whose exact dosage and application should really only be left to specialists. Otherwise, there is a risk of the side effects often mentioned in the media, such as a drooping eyelid, an asymmetrical facial expression or a mask-like facial expression. Furthermore, unprofessional treatment can quickly lead to an overdose or to Botox being injected into the wrong muscle. The consequences are headaches, visual disturbances or even haematomas.

Botox not in a simple beauty salon

Let’s be clear: Botox does not belong in the hands of a beautician in a beauty salon. Professional training and a sterile and relaxing environment are the absolute basic requirements for a professional Botox treatment. There is no question of Botox to go, just quickly during the lunch break or while shopping.

If you read up on Botox treatments, you will quickly realise that a single session according to the Botox-to-go principle is not enough. In order to achieve a long-term effect and to make the wrinkles disappear permanently, the patient must undergo Botox treatment several times. But then the result is beautiful and convincing. We do not want to conceal the fact that side effects can occur even with professional treatment. In most cases, less than one percent of patients are affected. In addition, Botox treatments are always temporary and can be retreated without any problems.

Botox-to-go principle or detailed consultation?

So when it comes to Botox treatments, you should not fall for quick promises in the sense of Botox to go, but rather get good and detailed advice. For example, from the experts for Botox treatments at BellaDerma in Berlin Mitte unter den Linden or in Berlin Charlottenburg on Kurfürstendamm. We will be happy to inform you about the many possibilities and advantages of a professional treatment as part of Botox in Berlin. Simply contact us and arrange a non-binding consultation.


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