Calf reduction with Botox Berlin

For some time now, the field of application of Botox has been extended to include calf reduction. Specifically, this involves injections that can reduce the circumference of the calves by up to five centimetres. Women who have muscular or naturally strong calves due to sport can only benefit from calf reduction. The reason: slender calves have always been considered a beauty feature.

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In addition to the “ankles”, which are considered to be among the narrowest parts of the body, many women believe that the calves should also bear a corresponding appearance. In addition, the so-called “skinny jeans” and many boots are also only suitable for slender calves.

How does calf reduction work?

Calf reduction with Botox works by injecting the substance specifically and naturally under professional conditions into the appropriate areas. It is important to remember that the thickness of the calves is primarily due to the muscles there. By injecting “Calf-Botox” (“calf” is the English word for “calf”), the calf muscles can be reduced by up to ten percent. In addition, the corresponding muscles are no longer tensed and the leg thus automatically becomes slimmer.

How often does a calf reduction with Botox have to be performed?

If you would like to undergo calf reduction with Botox in Berlin, several appointments may be necessary. In the first step, we carry out a detailed examination, in the context of which the extent of the musculature is examined. The Botox injections are given in small and therefore gentle doses. On each calf, between five and ten injections are placed precisely into individual strands of the calf muscle, which can also be done under local anaesthetic and thus completely pain-free.

What should I bear in mind when undergoing calf reduction with Botox?

Those who undergo calf reduction with Botox in Berlin should not exercise immediately afterwards. In general, both regular jogging and cycling have an effect on the muscles and cause them to swell again. If sport is to be practised, care should be taken to ensure that the effect of calf reduction with Botox is not jeopardised.

How long does the effect of Botox on calf reduction last?

The effect of Botox lasts for about half a year. Accordingly, it is advisable to make an appointment in spring so that you can show your legs throughout the summer or in autumn so that you can enjoy the latest boot fashions without any problems.

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