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Fibroma removal Berlin

One thing first: fibromas are benign and do not pose any health risk. Nevertheless, you can have fibromas removed in Berlin and be treated with a laser. As a rule, the lumps, which are about one centimeter in size, on the arms, legs or face can be removed quickly and easily.

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Fibroma removal in Berlin

If you have fibromas removed with laser, you are in the best hands at the BellaDerma specialist center for aesthetic treatments. A good reason for an outpatient procedure is, for example, that fibromas represent a significant visual impairment and thus have a negative effect on self-confidence. For this reason, their removal can work wonders, especially from a cosmetic and aesthetic point of view, and is often recommended by dermatologists.

How do fibroids or stalk warts develop?

Fibromas or stalk warts are usually caused by environmental influences. Alternatively, genetic predispositions can be responsible and also lack of personal hygiene can lead to atheromas and fibromas. From a medical point of view, a whole range of fibromas exist. In simple terms, a distinction can be made between hard and soft fibromas (pedunculated warts), both of which can be eliminated by laser treatment.

Soft fibromas are rich in cells and poor in fibers. The growths form in the dermis or, more precisely, in the connective tissue. Fibromas or pedunculated warts appear in the neck and eye area as well as in the armpits, buttocks or groin area. Fibromas also exist on the abdominal skin. As a rule, people from middle age to old age are affected, which means both men and women. In addition, there is a close correlation between the formation of fibromas and obesity.

The hard fibroma or fibroma durum (also: histiocytoma or dermatofibroma), on the other hand, is poor in cells and rich in fibers. It is triggered by minor trauma such as intense scratching and insect bites. Affected areas include both the arms and legs.

Laser treatment of fibromas in Berlin

A fibroma can be easily removed by laser treatment. The treatment is both gentle and lasting and is based on a targeted light pulse. In this way, the skin material trapped in the fibroma is removed and the formation of new, unaffected, skin is stimulated.

It is important to note that a fibroma should never be treated on one’s own. For a dermatologist, it is a routine procedure that, thanks to lasers, will result in the skin irregularities not reappearing.

Fibroma removal in Berlin-Charlottenburg or Berlin-Mitte

You can remove a fibroma with laser at BellaDerma at two central locations in Berlin. We are located in Berlin-Mitte, Unter den Linden / corner of Friedrichstraße as well as in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Joachimsthaler Straße / corner of Kurfürstendamm. We would be happy to meet with you in advance for an informative discussion.


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