Side effects and risks of Botox

Hardly any other aesthetic medical application has hit the headlines as often in recent years as Botox treatment. While the benefits are usually emphasised, there are always critics – serious or unserious. But what are the real risks and side effects of Botox? Before a treatment, one should know the following aspects of Botox.

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It all depends on the dosage

What is repeatedly cited as a point of criticism is the obvious fact that Botox is a neurotoxin. Even the name botulinum toxin, or Botox for short, emphasises the toxic effect. But what does that mean in concrete terms? Already the famous physician Paracelsus said in the 16th century: “The dose alone makes the poison”. The same can be said of Botox. An overdose must be avoided at all costs. However, when used correctly and in a targeted manner, the substance proves to be a real blessing.

Botox from a plastic surgeon

If you decide to have Botox treatment in Berlin at BellaDerma, you need not worry: almost all known side effects and risks of Botox treatment can be traced back to an incorrect dosage. Only experienced plastic surgeons who know their trade work in our specialist centres. A cosmetic surgeon is able to use Botox with maximum efficiency and thus avoids undesirable side effects.

It should be noted, however, that general side effects can never be ruled out. These are due to the injection into the skin, which is done with the help of a thin needle. In rare cases, this may cause minor skin irritation or infection and a slight swelling or bruise is theoretically possible. In our experience, however, these side effects occur in no more than one percent of treated cases and are also only of limited duration.

Possible side effects of Botox treatment

The most frequently mentioned side effect of Botox is certainly the mask-like facial expression. However, because only competent specialist staff are employed at the BellaDerma Specialist Centre, we can allay this fear for our clients. Likewise, uneven use of Botox can result in a correspondingly asymmetrical facial expression. In this rare case, a wrinkle correction is necessary, which can, however, be carried out promptly. Probably the best-known side effect of Botox is a drooping of the eyebrows or drooping eyelids. This problem is also due to an incorrect dosage or an injection into the wrong muscle.

Risks from Botox treatment of the frown line

When the so-called frown line is treated with Botox, the inner eyebrows may sag minimally. In addition, there is occasionally slight swelling in the corners of the eyes. Parallel to this, in some cases new small wrinkles appear above the lateral eyebrow or existing wrinkles become more prominent. Should this be the case, a small after-treatment promises quick relief.

Botox and forehead wrinkles

If the forehead wrinkles are treated with Botox, in some cases the existing drooping eyelids are intensified. Furthermore, a temporary lowering of the upper eyelids and a disturbed eyelid closure have already been observed. Mind you, this effect is also only observed in less than five percent of the patients treated. Occasionally, the lateral eyebrows also protrude, which is colloquially known as the “Mister Spock expression”. If this effect is undesirable, it can also be corrected without any problems.

Risks of Botox treatment of smile lines

Those who undergo Botox treatment of their smile lines must in rare cases reckon with an increase in the wrinkles around the eyes. This has to do with the resulting excess skin, which redistributes itself accordingly.

Due to the particular sensitivity of the skin around the eyes, there is also occasional bruising and swelling in the area under the eyes.

Risks associated with treatment of the lower eyelids and eyebrow lift

Protruding lower eyelids are also rare in the context of Botox treatment. However, this phenomenon disappears by itself. If the so-called bags under the eyes already exist, they can become more prominent. Those who want to have their eyebrows lifted by Botox must in some cases first accept new wrinkles above the treated eyebrow. After one to three weeks at the most, however, these wrinkles disappear by themselves. Eye dryness is also a side effect, but this is very rare.

Risks of Botox treatment in the mouth area

If the so-called pleated wrinkles on the upper lips are treated with Botox, this causes a weakening of the upper lip muscles. As a result, the wrinkles smooth out, which may seem unfamiliar. Accordingly, activities such as whistling, drinking or eating soup may become difficult for a short time. Smoking in the centre of the mouth is also possible only to a limited extent. Even more rarely, problems occur in the articulation of individual sounds. All these phenomena disappear automatically after a few days. Finally, there are also risks in the treatment of downturned corners of the mouth. If an imbalance occurs here, another Botox injection is effective.

Side effects: Rare and easily remedied

Regardless of where and in what form the side effects occur, they are always rare phenomena. If you don’t go for the mostly dubious flat-rate offers or take part in Botox parties, you need to take virtually no risks into account. After a treatment in one of the BellaDerma specialist centres, you are in no way “overbotoxed” and are also in expert hands with all the side effects. We will be happy to answer your questions personally.


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