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Thread lifting, a method that focuses on a long-lasting effect. Threads are already known from surgery and have been used here for many years. By means of a thread lift, sunken and sagging structures can be lifted and tightened again. Thread lifting is a sensible and effective treatment for wrinkles, facial tightening, facial contouring, cheekbone augmentation and neck tightening in the décolleté area.

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What is thread lifting?

In simple terms, thread lifting involves “stitching” the threads in the area of a skin sag to produce a tightening effect. Of course, the treatment is not the same as stitching a wound, but it follows a similar principle. The threads, made of a special surgical material such as Caprolak, Lactate(L-lactic) and Polydiaxanon, become entangled in the tissue of the subcutis. Once the desired position is reached, traction is created, causing wrinkles to fill and disappear. In addition, the natural proliferation of connective tissue (fibrosis) and stimulated cell growth enhance the effect and drive the tightening of skin and subcutaneous tissue.

What is the procedure for thread lifting?

Thread lifting is always performed under local anaesthesia and can be applied to very different areas. The threads can be applied to the abdomen, the upper arms, the décolleté and the face. In the case of a facial thread lift, the focus is on smile lines and frown lines, tightening the eyebrows and lifting the mid-face area. The threads are inserted in the thread lift with the help of a so-called hollow needle, which leaves tiny punctures in the skin.

Thread lifting can be done with threads of different shapes. Depending on the area of application, the “little helpers” are smooth, spiral-shaped or contain small hooks. The substance from which the threads are made degrades in the body without leaving any residue. The process is supported by hydrolysis and carbon dioxide and is about half complete after two to three months. Complete resorption then takes place after about six to eight months, which is why a new treatment may be necessary at this point at the latest.

For whom is thread lifting suitable?

Ultimately, the treatment is suitable for all those who shy away from a surgical intervention and are looking for an effective but at the same time gentle and natural form of therapy. Thread lifting can also be easily combined with other forms of therapy to achieve an enhanced effect. Examples are PRP therapy, hyaluronic acid or mesotherapy and certain peelings. We will be happy to advise you on the possible combinations.

What side effects should I expect?

There are almost no side effects with thread lifting, as the risk of inflammation is very low. However, it is possible that the treated areas may redden, swell or burn a little. In rare cases, there may also be inflammation or intolerance to the material used. Thread lifting is not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding. You should also be careful if you have problems with blood clotting, present infections or inflammations. After the treatment, massages as well as pronounced facial expressions and visits to the sauna or gym should be avoided.

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