Botox parties in Berlin

The offer sounds tempting at first. Go to a great party with your friends, sip drinks, dance and flirt with cool guys. And on the side, in between, have the little worry lines injected away with Botox. It quickly becomes clear that the Botox party is not a good idea when you take a closer look at Botox and the hygienic conditions that are a prerequisite for professional Botox treatment.

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Those who treat themselves and their own bodies negligently here have to put up with a number of side effects due to Botox. These include, above all, an unattractive drooping lower eyelid or the much-described mask-like facial expression (over botoxed), which has an unnatural and off-putting effect.

The Botox dose makes the difference

Botox is botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin that is seriously harmful and usually fatal in higher concentrations. But even the old physician Paracelsus knew that the dose alone makes the difference between poison and remedy. This is no different with Botox than with alcohol, good food, work or sex.

In a precisely dosed form, Botox is a prescription-only active ingredient that, when used professionally and injected into specific facial muscles with pinpoint accuracy, melts away wrinkles without causing any side effects. Only in a few rare cases can there be slight irritation, but this usually disappears on its own within a few days or can be easily treated. The Botox solution is injected with very thin needles and then lightly rubbed in with circular movements. At best, a slight feeling of pressure may occur for some time after the treatment, but after only a few days the wrinkles will have smoothed out.

Professional Botox treatment instead of a Botox party

However, Botox treatment of facial wrinkles only achieves its full effect after several sessions. That is why the effect of one-time Botox to go – or Botox parties is usually not long-lasting. It becomes really dangerous, however, if a Botox treatment is to be carried out quickly in the semi-stupor of a wild party. Anyone who goes “under the needle” in such a rather excited atmosphere can of course not be as relaxed as in a specialised institute under professional guidance. Not to mention hygienic problems and the danger of wrong injections or overdoses.

Therefore, you should always go to a professional for Botox treatment. Because Botox, like all cosmetic medical treatments, is a question of trust. Get comprehensive information about the topic Botox Berlin at today. We will take the time to answer your questions and will be happy to advise you.


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