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Neck lift Berlin

Neck lift is considered one of the “classics” in the field of aesthetic medicine. This is associated with a wealth of prejudices that need to be debunked. It is by no means the case that the neck lift in Berlin is only performed by older people. Nor is it true that only the dreaded “turkey neck” or a double chin can be treated. Rather, cosmetic surgeons advise to perform neck lift at an earlier stage to avoid surgical intervention. In other words, neck lift is possible without surgery.

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Neck lift by fat removal injection.

Those who want to perform a neck lift in Berlin can do so, for example, with the help of a fat-away injection. This form of treatment is considered semi-invasive and therefore does not represent surgery in the classic sense. The mode of action of the injection is that it primarily addresses those areas of the body that do not respond to either sports or a healthy, low-fat diet. Neck and double chin are treated by special natural active substances that dissolve the fat cells. The dissolved fat is subsequently transported out of the body through the lymphatic system and natural metabolism.

Neck lifting with hyaluronic acid

A neck lift can also be achieved with hyaluronic acid. In this case, injections are recommended if the skin has not yet been too badly affected. Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous substance that is no longer produced in sufficient quantities in the neck area as we age. It is possible to speak of a replenishment, the effect of which lasts for six to twelve months.

Neck lifting with Botox

Botulinum toxin, also known as Botox, can also be used to lift the neck. Often this treatment method is combined with hyaluronic acid and works wonders. In this case, the substance is injected directly into the platysma muscles, i.e. the front muscles of the neck, which automatically relax. The effect is a disappearance of wrinkles and also a prolonged effect of hyaluronic acid. The treatment lasts about six months.

Neck lifting by thread lifting

A neck lift by thread lifting is minimally invasive, as it is performed with needles. A very thin special thread is used, which is inserted into the fatty tissue of the neck and anchored behind the ear. The threads dissolve by themselves within a maximum of 15 months, leaving behind a cleanly scarred tissue that does not regenerate for about three years. Accordingly, fat is also reduced in this way and a rejuvenating effect is achieved.

Neck lift in Berlin at BellaDerma

For your neck lift, it is not possible to speak of the best method per se. At the BellaDerma specialist center for aesthetic treatments, we subject all our clients to a precise diagnosis and make our suggestions on this basis. Basically, we offer all methods of neck lifting professionally and with a lot of experience. You can find us in Berlin Mitte, Unter den Linden / corner Friedrichstraße or also in the City West, more precisely in Joachimsthaler Straße / corner Kurfürstendamm.


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