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Botox against hair loss in Berlin is a relatively new and promising method to counteract the loss of one’s own hair. It is indicated when there is true effluvium, i.e. when more than the normal amount of up to 300 hairs per day are lost and the first signs of baldness appear.

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Botulinum toxin, also known as Botox, can be used to combat hair loss in Berlin, although it should be noted that this is tension hair loss and not all forms can be cured by Botox.

Diagnosis of tension hair loss

Tension hair loss is usually hereditary and is caused – as the name suggests – by strong tension in the scalp muscles. This can be triggered by tension headaches as well as increased stress. The result is a reduction in the fine blood vessels and an accompanying undersupply of the muscles. Although this connection was first described in the late 19th century, it took until 2001 to successfully use Botox. The problem with tension hair loss is that the commercially available ointments, tinctures and medicines all fail because they do not fight the causes but only the symptoms. If neither caffeine nor alcohol or menthol show any effect and headaches are also reported, Botox for scalp tension or Botox for hair loss in Berlin can be an effective remedy.

How does Botox against hair loss in Berlin work?

In our institute in Berlin Botox is used against hair loss. Tension hair loss, which is also known to doctors under the Latin name “Alopecia contentionalis”, is prevented by the targeted application of an injection of Botox. The result is an inhibition of certain messenger substances that temporarily no longer reach the muscle and thus literally relax it. The effect of Botox to relax muscles is also known from other areas and ensures that the hair roots are better supplied with blood again. A pleasant side effect is that the occasional pain in the hair roots also disappears. An alternative name for Botox against hair loss is “AC therapy”.

How is the treatment carried out?

A treatment with Botox against hair loss in Berlin is carried out in different places. On the one hand, it is injected directly at the large scalp muscle, on the other hand, it is also injected in the temporalis area at the side of the ears or on the forehead. In order to achieve an optimal effect, the treatment should be repeated at intervals of about six months.

What are the side effects?

Botox for hair loss has almost no side effects. Neither facial expressions nor chewing or speaking are affected by the injections, and damage to muscles or nerves can be safely ruled out. Those who take products such as finasteride may even notice a welcome increase in the effect in some cases.

Botox against hair loss in Berlin

At the BellaDerma specialist centre for aesthetic treatments, we treat hair loss with Botox. Visit us at two locations in Berlin, more precisely in Berlin Mitte, Unter den Linden / corner of Friedrichstraße or in City West, Joachimsthaler Straße / corner of Kurfürstendamm.


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