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Experience reports
Couperose removal

We are always pleased to receive reports of experiences that reach us by e-mail.

  • Magdalena (46)
    Berlin Marzahn

    When I first noticed a slight redness on my face, I didn't think anything bad. However, as time went on, couperose and rosacea got worse. The peak was reached when an acquaintance asked me about my alcohol consumption. But I don't drink at all! At BellaDerma in Berlin Mitte I was finally helped. The red spots were heated with an IPL laser and thus removed. It took me a total of four laser treatments to get my problem under control. And now I don't have to explain myself to anyone.

    Antonio (55)
    Berlin Reinickendorf

    The names couperose and rosacea were unknown to me until a few years ago. I always thought there was nothing I could do about the red veins on my face. At a routine appointment with my dermatologist, I was told that there are treatments for couperose and rosacea. I then went to BellaDerma in Berlin Mitte, because my wife is also a frequent visitor there. My face was "irradiated" with an IPL laser treatment and after three times 15 minutes I was rid of the red veins. Hopefully for good.

    Wilma (38)
    Berlin Nikolassee

    Couperose and rosacea have annoyed me for many years. All supposedly effective home remedies or creams were unsuccessful. It was BellaDerma in Berlin Mitte that "saved" me and treated the red veins with an IPL laser. Because the specialist centre is not far from the Friedrichstraße S-Bahn station, I can also get there quickly from Nikolassee. I always combined the three appointments with a shopping trip and had a wonderful afternoon. Couperose and rosacea have also stayed away since then.

    Lara (69)
    Berlin Mitte

    Couperose and rosacea are a thing of the past for me. I had two of the so-called spider nevi on my cheek and felt really disfigured. Thanks to the testimonials of my friends, I went to BellaDerma in Friedrichstraße and had laser treatment. To be more precise, an IPL laser was used, the effect of which was already apparent after the first appointment. The prices were fair and affordable.

  • Lisa (38)
    Berlin Tiergarten

    I am so happy that there was finally a solution to my problem. For years I was plagued by popped veins on my face, I tried my hand at a few creams but nothing helped. At ΒellaDerma I was finally offered a suitable treatment method, thanks to IPL2 technology my couperose is finally history.

    Melanie (48)
    Berlin Zehlendorf

    I can unreservedly recommend BellaDerma - I felt very well looked after right from the start. I had very pronounced couperose and had already been to several other institutes before I came across BellaDerma, but here I was finally helped.

    Jan (64)
    Berlin Reinickendorf

    The worst thing was the looks from the neighbours. If you have couperose and rosacea on your face, you quickly look like a drunk. But it's not my fault that my blood vessels are dilated. The cosmetic treatment at BellaDerma in Berlin Charlottenburg was recommended to me by my dermatologist. The treatment uses light or a laser to coagulate the blood. The treatment is painless, harmless and, in my experience, long-lasting. In this respect, my conclusion is positive to enthusiastic.

    Heike (29)
    Berlin Zehlendorf

    A really great practice - almost everything is possible here. I finally got rid of my unsightly couperose after 3 treatments.

  • Ebru (34)
    Berlin Zehlendorf

    Together with my mother I went to BellaDerma for a consultation. Our expectations were really exceeded, the conversation lasted half an hour, everything was explained to us in detail, from the cause to the treatment procedure and the aftercare after the treatment. The lady who talked to us was very friendly and you could tell right away that this is not just about making money. Fortunately, we were able to find an appointment for the treatment relatively quickly. We are both thrilled with the results, our couperose has almost completely disappeared after the second treatment. An appointment for a 3rd treatment has been made, I'm sure everything will be gone after that.

    Franziska (44)
    Berlin Tiergarten

    Finally I can do without heavy make-up, I have been plagued by severe couperose in the face and décolleté area for several years. As a woman, you quickly feel insecure, the slightest effort like climbing stairs and I was immediately bright red. I have to say, this "skin picture disease" really got to me. It was especially bad in the summer months. I tried everything, home remedies, creams and other treatments. A colleague at work brought BellaDerma to my attention. I had almost lost hope that anything could help me. Here I was convinced of the opposite. I needed 4 treatments at intervals of 4 weeks, I would not have thought it possible, but thanks to the IPL2 technology my couperose has completely disappeared. For me, this is a new way of life. I would recommend BellaDerma to anyone, the range of treatments is very wide and I think there is something for everyone.

    Michael (32)
    Berlin Mitte

    I can recommend the team around BellaDerma without reservation. From a very good free consultation to the professional treatment and service - everything is TOP!!!

    Anthony (40)
    Berlin Mitte

    I would never have thought it possible that the problem with my couperose would be solved after only 2 treatments. There is absolutely nothing left of my couperose. For years I spent a lot of money on creams and other treatment therapies. Only the IPL 2 method really helped. All other methods only help to a limited extent and not permanently. BellaDerma gets 5 stars from me for this!

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