Permanent make-up removal in Berlin

Permanent make-up is wonderful: no more make-up, a fresh look in every situation in life. However, for various reasons it may be necessary to remove permanent make-up. For example, if the permanent make-up is no longer in fashion, the colours have turned out wrong or mistakes (distortions) have been made.

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Ways to remove permanent make-up

Picosure® Laser

A well-known, widely used method is laser treatment to remove pigmentation. Ruby lasers or neodymium YAG lasers are used for this. The choice of laser depends, among other things, on the colour that is to be removed. High-energy light is used to treat the corresponding area of skin. Since the penetration depth of the laser is precisely matched to the permanent make-up, only the affected tissue is treated. The cells in which the pigments have accumulated are destroyed by the laser treatment and the pigments can be broken down more quickly by the body. More about this: Tattoo removal with the picosecond laser Picosure.

With a picosecond laser, several sessions are always necessary to completely remove permanent make-up. Up to eight weeks pass between the individual treatments. The laser treatment itself can cause slight pain, but no anaesthetic is necessary. A scab forms on the treated area. Underneath, the skin area renews itself.

Overlay (camouflage)

Although this is not a removal in the pure sense, the permanent make-up is made invisible by covering it with new permanent make-up. In this way, distortions can be covered by permanent make-up in skin colour, or lip lines that are too dark or eyebrows that are too thick can be lightened, as can eyelid lines that run. The procedure is the same as for a permanent make-up treatment. In this case, the permanent make-up is covered by a new permanent make-up, which, however, corresponds to the natural appearance.

If you would like to know more about topics such as tattooing eyebrows, permanent make-up eyeliner, pigmenting lips or generally permanent make-up Berlin, please contact us. Even in the latter cases, quick, visible results can be achieved with long-term permanent make-up. Find out more now.


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