Eyelash thickening in Berlin

Eyelash thickening is a permanent make-up that gives the eyes significantly more expression and ensures that the eyelashes appear particularly thick and strong. In contrast to eyeliner, the eyelash line is thickened between the eyelashes and not above them. This makes the eyes much more expressive and creates an attractive deep effect.

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Eyelash curling for more expression for the eyes

A particularly great advantage of lash line thickening is that there is no smudging, even during sports or sauna visits, or even during sad films at the cinema.

Who is lash line thickening suitable for?

Eyelash thickening can be performed on anyone. Eyelash thickening is particularly suitable for people who wear glasses or contact lenses, as no eyeliner or kajal will contaminate the glasses or contact lenses afterwards. The eyelash line thickening with the permanent eyeliner does not smudge and looks completely natural. Eyelash thickening is also particularly suitable for people who are allergic to cosmetics. Even in cases of partial eyelash loss, eyelash thickening can achieve very good cosmetic results.

How is eyelash thickening performed?

For lash line thickening, a fine line is pigmented between the lashes. In principle, you can think of lash line thickening as an eyeliner. Depending on your preference, you can have a somewhat thicker line or a rather fine, delicate line. For this purpose, particularly skin-friendly colours are modelled into the epidermis with a special device by a trained specialist. The choice of colour is made individually.

How well tolerated is eyelash thickening?

As the colours used are especially skin-friendly and have been tested, and the pigments are only introduced into the uppermost layer of the skin, eyelash thickening is painless and extremely well tolerated. Eyelash thickening lasts for several years before it may need to be renewed.

If you would like to know more about topics such as tattooing eyebrows, permanent make-up eyeliner, pigmenting lips or generally permanent make-up Berlin, please contact us. Even in the latter cases, quick, visible results can be achieved with long-term permanent make-up. Find out more now.


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