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Remove skin stains Berlin

Remove skin spots provides a thoroughly aesthetic and winning appearance and can also serve the health. Human skin is often rightly called the largest organ. The fact is that it is the surface of the human body, which performs a host of other tasks in addition to protective functions.

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From an aesthetic point of view, the skin plays a significant role in the appearance of a person. Clear and flawless skin has been considered a beauty feature since ancient times, and the methods to remove skin spots have been refined ever since.

What types of skin spots exist?

One thing first: you don’t have to remove all skin spots, but you can definitely consider them as beauty spots. A famous example is the US diva Marilyn Monroe, whose small mole gained world fame. However, the so-called moles or birthmarks also occur in more frequent form and on unpleasant parts of the body. From a medical point of view, they are benign growths, but should always be under the observation of a dermatologist. The same applies to moles, which also represent a change in the skin or pigmentation. The difference is that moles are present from birth, while moles are still forming.

Those who want to have skin spots removed in Berlin often turn to the BellaDerma specialist center for aesthetic treatments with freckles. These pigmentary changes actually appear after sun exposure and usually disappear by themselves in winter. Those who do not want to wait, have themselves treated, which also applies to the closely related age spots (Latin: lentigines solares or also sun spots) or other pigment spots. Among these, café-au-lait spots are particularly noteworthy. Although the name sounds appetizing, these brownish spots can be up to 15 centimeters in diameter.

What are port-wine stains?

Fire stains (nevus flammeus) are a special type of efflorescences or skin lesions. The reason lies in the coloration, which actually turns out in different shades of red and can be very conspicuous. Port-wine stains have to do with the blood vessels immediately below the epidermis and are congenital. It is necessary to distinguish port-wine stains from stork bites, as the latter recede on their own and port-wine stains (unfortunately) remain.

How to remove skin spots in Berlin?

The days when skin spot removal in Berlin involved surgery and incisions are long gone. In the meantime, laser technology is used, which is continuously being further developed. The PicoSure laser with focus lens combination has proven to be particularly effective in this context, but an IPL such as the Ellipse system also provides valuable services. The effect is remarkable and, above all, long-lasting.

Removing skin spots with Picosure® laser or IPL

Behind the abbreviation IPL stands Intense Pulsed Light, i.e. light pulses that are emitted by an IPL applicator. This light is absorbed by the color pigment melanin and heat is generated, which destroys the melanin. Because skin spots have a higher percentage of melanin (and are therefore darker), neither the surrounding skin nor the surrounding tissue is affected.

With PicoSure® lasers, the light pulses are further intensified by a focus lens combination. The decaying pigments are then “disposed of” by the natural metabolism within a few days or weeks. A welcome side effect is the formation of new collagen.

Skin spot removal in Berlin: BellaDerma

If you would like to have skin spots removed in Berlin, the BellaDerma specialist center for aesthetic treatments will be happy to be your competent contact. You can find us both in Berlin Mitte, Unter den Linden / corner Friedrichstraße and in the City West, Joachimsthaler Straße / corner Kurfürstendamm.


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